About Us

BroadGrain Commodities Inc. ("BroadGrain") is a leading Canadian-based global marketer and handler of grains, oilseeds, by-products and specialty crops for both feed and food markets. Amid the growing challenges of securing quality agricultural products, BroadGrain is committed to connecting producers, processors and consumers of food and agricultural commodities around the world. BroadGrain employs more than 100 people and operates in almost every continent of the world. We facilitate shipping, handling, processing, storing, trading and marketing of grains, cereals, oilseeds, pulse and speciality crops and by-products.

A privately-held company, we are agile enough to move into new markets and meet evolving industry and clients’ needs. Over the past few years, we have continued to expand our product offerings and operational facilities to include a wide range of food grade products on top of our diversified grain and oilseed offerings.

BroadGrain’s four divisions are poised for continued rapid growth, with new opportunities arising across the company to enter new markets, both domestically and internationally. The Company’s management is committed to maintaining an aggressive growth strategy, and further diversifying our markets, services, and commodities while focusing on maximizing both current and long-term profitability. We aim to deliver the highest level of service and product to all of our clients, and have built a strong reputation within our industry by ensuring that we honor all of our commitments.