Corporate Highlights

Strong Financial Performance:

    • Over $600 million in annual revenues.

Significant Volumes Shipped:

    • Over 1,500,000 metric tons of grain, oilseeds, and by-products shipped annually in domestic and international markets.

Global Corporate Presence:

    • Toronto and Stratford, Canada; Amman, Jordan; Paris, France; Kiev, Ukraine; Kano, Nigeria; and, Tianjin, China.

Diverse Operational Sites:

    • Elevation and processing capacity throughout Canada (Brinston, Seaforth, Dafoe)

Extensive Trading Abilities:

    • Strong sales relationships with key customers throughout the world.

Extensive Sourcing Abilities:

    • Solid supply relationships in key geographies, including Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, EU, India, China, Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Canada & the U.S.

Direct-Farm Origination:

    • We have significant direct-from-farmer sourcing abilities, giving us the necessary confidence and quality for all major agricultural commodities.