Corporate Social Responsibility


With a vision to grow into a large family and employee owned business that connects producers, processors and consumers of food and agricultural commodities worldwide, it is only natural for us to give back to the communities where those people that we serve live and we are committed to being a reliable and responsible partner.

BroadGrain is a family-owned business that operates according to a core set of values, including conducting ourselves with integrity in all of our business activities. This means that the concept of corporate social responsibility is woven into everything we do.

We are honoured to participate in a variety of different CSR initiatives and our employees are proud to be a part of a progressive organization that contributes to the community along its path to success.  A major part of BroadGrain’s CSR program relates to our support of Food Banks Canada as part of Farm Credit Canada (“FCC”)’s Drive Away Hunger initiative.  Even in a country as well-off as Canada, many people are reliant on food banks to meet their basic nutritional requirements. Since we are in the food business, it only made sense for us to help those in need as a partner in FCC’s the Drive Away Hunger program  to support Food Banks Canada nation-wide helps those in need while raising awareness about this great cause. In addition, we are committed to supporting employee-led fund raising efforts during the holiday season with company donation matching, food drives and other projects.  We are proud to pool our efforts together for this important company-wide initiative.