Our History

  • 2017

    <p>BroadGrain incorporated a new subsidiary in Argentina, BroadGrain Argentina S.A., and hired an experienced agricultural trading team to focus on the origination of corn, soybeans, soybean meal, barley, wheat and specialty crops. BroadGrain completed another expansion project at its Dafoe pulse and specialty crops processing facility in Saskatchewan. The project included the addition of 30,000 MT of storage capacity, upgrading the plant and receiving area and increasing flexibility of process flow to enable efficient cleaning, storage, and container/railcar loading.</p>
  • 2016

    <p>In January 2016, BroadGrain commissioned its state of the art specialty crop processing facility in Kano, Nigeria. The US$ 3m project resulted in the construction of a world class sesame seed processing facility, with capabilities to process other specialty crops including ginger and hibiscus. During the year BroadGrain also opened a trading office in Winnipeg, Manitoba to expand our presence in Western Canada. BroadGrain also entered into a joint venture project in Algeria towards the development and operation of a poultry feed mill  to serve the local market.</p>
  • 2015

    <p>BroadGrain completed a second capital expansion project in Brinston, Ontario to further expand the capacity of the elevator storage and add an Identity-Preserved soybean processing facility. The C$ 3 million project added 15,000 MT of additional bulk storage capacity and added  a processing facility for specialty food-grade soybeans allowing BroadGrain to continue to target key end markets in Asia.</p>
  • 2014

    <p>Opens Bogu (Tianjin) International Trading Ltd. in China with a focus on exporting Chinese edible beans and strengthening BroadGrain’s import program of Canadian pulses and African sesame seeds.</p>
  • 2013

    <p>Opens BroadGrain Africa Ltd. in Nigeria, focused on the export of sesame seeds and specialty crops.  Undertakes major expansion project at the Dafoe, Saskatchewan facility, tripling its capacity.</p>
  • 2012

    <p>Major expansion of Brinston, Ontario site undertaken in order to triple capacity, establishing the site as a major elevator in the Eastern Ontario marketplace.</p>
  • 2011

    <p>Acquisition of Lakeside Global Grains. Addition of elevator in Brinston, Ontario. BroadGrain surpasses $600 million in revenue and handles over 1.5 million tons of grain.</p>
  • 2010

    <p>BroadGrain signs satellite elevator agreement with Otto Grains</p>
  • 2009

    <p>The company launches new Food Grade and Specialty Commodities division to focus on pulses and specialty crops.</p>&#13; <p>BroadGrain invests in $1 million expansion project at Seaforth grain terminal.</p>
  • 2008

    <p>BroadGrain’s rapid expansion drives decision to relocate head office and Global Trading Unit to Toronto, Canada to better access talent and international customers.</p>&#13; <p>Annual grain-shipping volume surpasses 1 million tons. Rail scale and car-loading facility added to Seaforth.</p>
  • 2006

    <p>The Global Trading Unit expands its focus beyond the Middle East to include North Africa and some smaller markets in Asia and Europe.</p>
  • 2005

    <p>Regular capital investments increase capacity at Seaforth and add new services. As Seaforth grows, BroadGrain starts penetrating the international grain trading business by launching its Global Trading Unit.</p>
  • 2004

    <p>Seaforth operations are optimized through a series of capital investments. Considerable effort made to initiate new sales relationships.</p>
  • 2003

    <p>BroadGrain is founded in 2003 by Ghazi Qadoumi and Zaid Qadoumi. Operations begin with the acquisition of a grain elevator asset in Seaforth, Ontario.</p>
  • Prior to 2003

    <p>The Qadoumi family has been in the grain and food business for three generations in the Middle East. The family commands major market share in the agricultural industry in Jordan and other Middle Eastern markets.</p>