BroadGrain provides a wide range of services centred around currency exposure and exchange-traded commodities, including flat price buying, futures, forward contracts, swaps, options and tailored structured products.  We bundle these financial products with physical delivery, providing producers the benefits of a customized hedging approach that can maximize their potential, ability to compete and enhance overall returns.

BroadGrain is able to develop tools which protect downside risk while also providing upside potential, without adding any additional costs.  We can customize a risk management product to a supplier’s specific interests and risk appetite.  Examples of our most popular products include:

  • Accumulator: A commodity pricing tool that complements traditional futures coverage to improve a final average price and potentially increase profitability.

  • Forward Plus: A zero-cost currency strategy designed to hedge a foreign exchange exposure and enjoy some upside potential.

  • Extendible: A currency hedging tool that uses options to enhance spot rates and provide a range of longer term coverage.