Seaforth Beanery

The Seaforth soybean beanery processes food-grade and organic soybeans for domestic and international customers, and has acquired certification to handle organic soybeans through a rigorous testing procedure.

BroadGrain makes food safety an extremely high priority, monitoring the purity and safety of our soybeans at each step. At harvest, BG conducts extremely rigorous GMO detection tests before accepting any load. Soybeans that do not comply with international standards are strictly rejected. Soybeans at harvest undergo numerous quality and purity tests (GMO, protein, moisture, oil and overall grain quality). Our soybeans are then stored in silos previously cleaned and inspected. Our silos are equipped with bean ladders to handle edible beans carefully and efficiently without causing splits or damage. To assure our customers traceability, BG keeps samples of each incoming and outgoing lot of soybeans. After analyzing and cleaning, samples are kept for approximately 12 months following shipment.