Edible Beans

Beans are used for both human and animal feed. Edible dry beans come from both the Old World (i.e. broad beans) and New World (i.e. kidney, black, cranberry, pinto, and navy) varieties. As a food, beans can play a role in reducing the risks of developing some chronic conditions and diseases. Edible beans are a rich source of vegetable protein, cholesterol free, low in fat and provide very good source of dietary fiber. Canada's largest bean crop is white pea bean (navy bean). Canada also grows significant quantities of pinto, cranberry, black, dark red kidney, light red kidney, great northern, Dutch brown, pink and small red beans. Small quantities of Azuki, Kintoki and Otebo beans are grown under contract. The crop is used primarily for human consumption and is an important protein source for people in many countries around the world.