BroadGrain Seaforth Expansion Underway

<p class="text-heading">July 8, 2009</p><p>Construction began today on BroadGrain&rsquo;s most recent expansion project, the addition of an 8,000 tonne Weststeel storage bin, an unloading system and a related flat storage warehouse. All of these additions are supporting the growth of Broadgrain&rsquo;s grain handling business in the Seaforth marketplace. Scheduled completion for this addition is prior to the fall 2009 harvest season.<br />The primary reason for the addition is to enhance Broadgrain&rsquo;s &nbsp;grain unloading capacity. The unloading system will complement the three other unloading pits and allow for quick turnaround and unloading for Broadgrain&rsquo;s farm customers.<br />&ldquo;We are committed to providing the local community with unsurpassed service through extended hours of operation during harvest season and unequalled unloading capacity&rdquo; noted Brian Hazzard Vice President, Domestic Operations. &ldquo;This is just the next step in our continued efforts to provide a state of the art facility that will enhance our customers&rsquo; profitability through efficient grain delivery at harvest&rdquo; he continued.<br />The seaforth operation also includes a rail transloading operation, soymeal storage, bean processing plant and other related grain and commodity handling services as well as a complete grain marketing team to assist growers with competitive marketing options.<br />----------<br />BroadGrain is a Canadian-based global company trading and transporting grains, cereals, oilseeds, corn and by-products.&nbsp;BroadGrain has annual revenues of over CAD $350 million and ships over 1 million tonnes of grain to international and domestic customers. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p>