BroadGrain Announces Completion of Major Expansion at its Dafoe, Saskatchewan Facility

<p class="text-heading">May 1, 2014</p><p>BroadGrain Commodities is pleased to announce the completion of a major expansion at its Dafoe, Saskatchewan facility, representing an investment of $2.9 million.&nbsp; The expansion project in east central Saskatchewan included increased grain storage capacity, the addition of a second grain cleaning line and upgrades to existing equipment and process flow. The completion of the expansion project benefits Saskatchewan grain producers with improved delivery options, while benefiting customers with improved shipping throughput and quality enhancements for specialty crops.</p> <p>The addition of four new storage bins capable of storing a total of 239,000 bushels of grain, more than doubles the storage capacity of the facility. &nbsp;&ldquo;This additional storage will greatly improve delivery options for Saskatchewan grain producers who are key to the success of BroadGrain Commodities&rsquo;s continued growth in the region&rdquo; said Jaime Rueda, Vice President, Food Division.&nbsp;</p> <p>In addition, the installation of a new high capacity air/screen market cleaner provides the facility with the capability of cleaning &ldquo;market-ready&rdquo; pulse products at a rate of up to 80mt/hour. This grain cleaning line is designed for high capacity grain cleaning directly to rail cars, maximizing the shipping capacity of Dafoe&rsquo;s 28-railcar siding.</p> <p>Finally, the original fine cleaning line of specialty crops underwent significant equipment upgrades, and flow enhancements to improve throughput and quality of the products processed in Dafoe. &ldquo;The upgrades completed will ensure a supply of consistent, premium quality specialty crops, further supporting BroadGrain&rsquo;s commitment to offering top quality products to our customers&rdquo; added Mr. Rueda.</p> <p>BroadGrain Commodities Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian corporation focused on domestic Canadian grain handling and international grain trading with annual revenues exceeding $500 million dollars and annual volume over 1.5 million metric tonnes. BroadGrain is headquartered in Toronto, with a principal domestic trading office in Stratford, Ontario and international offices in Jordan, Ukraine, France, Nigeria, China and Dubai (opening in 2014).&nbsp; Domestically, BroadGrain has elevator and trading operations in Seaforth and Brinston, Ontario and a processing facility in Dafoe, Saskatchewan.</p>