BroadGrain Commodities Establishes Trading Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

<p class="text-heading">June 2, 2014</p><p>BroadGrain Commodities, a leading Canadian-based global marketer of agri-products sourced in Canada and around the world, announced the opening of a trade office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.&nbsp; The Dubai office is the third new global trade office announced over the past 7 months, following new offices opened in Lagos, Nigeria and Tianjin, China.</p> <p>&ldquo;Our recent investments and expansion project in Nigeria, China and Dubai are amongst many steps towards our continued efforts to diversify our product mix and international origination activities&rdquo; said Zaid Qadoumi, BroadGrain&rsquo;s Chief Executive Officer.&nbsp; The office in Dubai reinforces BroadGrain&rsquo;s already strong presence in the markets of the Arabian peninsula and provides an additional platform to connect BroadGrain&rsquo;s network of producers with access to a vibrant, growing region.&nbsp;</p> <p>BroadGrain Commodities Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian corporation focused on domestic Canadian grain handling and international grain trading with annual revenues exceeding $500 million dollars and annual volume over 1.5 million metric tonnes. BroadGrain is headquartered in Toronto, with a principal domestic trading office in Stratford, Ontario and international offices in Jordan, Ukraine, France, Nigeria, China and Dubai.&nbsp; Domestically, BroadGrain has elevator and trading operations in Seaforth and Brinston, Ontario and a processing facility in Dafoe, Saskatchewan.</p>