BroadGrain Commodities Named One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies

<p class="text-heading">March 10, 2015</p><p>BroadGrain Commodities was named one of Canada&rsquo;s Best Managed Companies in 2014.&nbsp; The Best Managed award recognizes Canadian companies who combine strong financial performance with a focused long-term strategy and the implementation of leading management practices across all functional areas of the business.</p> <p>BroadGrain&rsquo;s CEO, Zaid Qadoumi, identified the company&rsquo;s people and corporate culture as key to BroadGrain&rsquo;s success: &ldquo;It takes time to develop a company culture, but what happens is that you build enough of a core group that it becomes second nature to think in a certain way.&nbsp; At the end of the day, what is good for employees is good for the company, and visa versa.&rdquo;&nbsp; Peter Brown, National Co-Leader of Canada&rsquo;s Best Managed Companies Program and Senior Practice Partner at Deloitte, agreed: &ldquo;Today&rsquo;s market place is not just about financial performance; it is also about the investment in people.&nbsp; BroadGrain invests in their team to build up a strong and stable company&rdquo;.</p> <p>BroadGrain Commodities Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian corporation focused on domestic Canadian grain handling and international grain trading with annual revenues exceeding $600 million dollars and annual volume over 1.5 million metric tonnes. BroadGrain is headquartered in Toronto, with a principal domestic trading office in Stratford, Ontario and international offices in Jordan, Ukraine, France, Nigeria, China and Dubai.&nbsp; Domestically, BroadGrain has elevator and trading operations in Seaforth and Brinston, Ontario and a processing facility in Dafoe, Saskatchewan.</p>