<p class="text-heading">August 2, 2016</p><p>BroadGrain Commodities Inc. (&ldquo;BroadGrain&rdquo;) for the third year in a row is pleased to support Farm Credit Canada (&ldquo;FCC&rdquo;)&lsquo;s Drive Away Hunger initiative, which has been bringing the agriculture community together to share the food it produces with those that need it the most.</p> <p>As a National Partner, BroadGrain continues to support this initiative, by way of a $30,000 donation to Food Banks Canada which since 2004 has raised over 27 million meals across Canada.</p> <p>&ldquo;BroadGrain and its employees are proud to be part of an incredibly important initiative fighting hunger in our own backyard, continuing to give back to the communities in Canada&rdquo; said Zaid Qadoumi, BroadGrain&rsquo;s President &amp; CEO.</p> <p>FCC along with its record number of partners like BroadGrain via the Food Banks Canada organization provide 850,000 Canadians food on a monthly basis, of which 306,000 are children.&nbsp;</p> <p>For the past 12 years, FCC Drive Away Hunger initiative has been bringing the agriculture community together to share the food it produces with those who need it most. Since 2004, FCC Drive Away Hunger has raised over 22 million pounds of food. Last year alone, through a record number of partners, this initiative raised more than five million pounds of food for food banks. FCC Drive Away Hunger also donated $100,000 to Food Banks Canada through the National Partner network to support individuals and families who use food bank services.</p> <p><strong>Until October 14</strong>, you can bring food or cash to the FCC office nearest you, donate money online at, or give what you grow by donating some of the proceeds from your field, bin, livestock or greenhouse.</p> <p>BroadGrain Commodities Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian corporation focused on domestic Canadian grain handling and international grain trading with annual revenues exceeding $700 million dollars and annual volume over 1.8 million metric tonnes. BroadGrain is headquartered in Toronto, with principal domestic trading offices in Stratford, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba. The BroadGrain group of companies has international offices located in Jordan, Ukraine, France, Nigeria, China and UAE. The company has elevator and processing assets in Seaforth and Brinston, Ontario, and a processing facility in Dafoe, Saskatchewan, and its African subsidiary has a processing facility in Kano, Nigeria. &nbsp;</p>