Seaforth Elevator

This inland elevator can receive corn, beans, and all classes of wheat from farmers at harvest. It has the following features:

The elevator has multiple dryers with maximum speed of 60 metric tonnes per hour.

Up to 30,000 metric tonnes of storage is available. The elevator's equipment can segregate grains and preserve identity whenever needed.

Temperature and air monitoring:
Each silo is equipped with state-of-the-art temperature and air control systems to monitor the condition of the grain and ensure that it is maintained in the same quality in which it was received.

Smooth Movement:
The facility is able to move grain fluidly to and from any of its 30+ silos at varying speeds. Dead boxes and spout splits are placed at every turn to cushion the movement and ensure that quality is maintained.

The Seaforth beanery handles edible soybeans and is certified to handle organic product.